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Vitamin D2
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Are you going to wholesale vitamin d2 from a professional vitamin d2 producer and supplier? it is one of the well-known vitamin d2 manufacturers in China, welcome to contact our factory.DescriptionVitamin D2, Vitamin D2), chemical name for 9, 10 - open loop ergot steroid - 5, 7, 10 (19), 22-4-3 beta - alcohol. Colorless needle crystal or white crystalline powder; Odourless, tasteless; With light or air are perishable. For the prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency, chronic hypocalcemia, low phosphorus, rickets and osteomalacia associated with chronic renal insufficiency, familial low phosphorus and low parathyroid function (postoperative parathyroid function), idiopathic or sham treatment, used in the treatment of acute and chronic and potential tetany disease and idiopathic tetany after surgery. Product nameVitamin D2AppearanceWhite crystals PowderPurity98% OdorCharacteristicTasteCharacteristicLoss on dryingNMT5.0%Sulphated AshNMT5.0%Heavy MetalsNMT 10ppmResidual SolventsEur.Pharm.Total Plate CountNMT 1000cfu/gYeast & MouldsNMT 100cfu/gE.Coli.NegativeSalmonellaNegativeEnterobacteriaNegativeStaphylococcus aureusNegative FunctionVitamin D2 in promoting intestinal brush border calcium absorption and renal tubular reabsorption of phosphorus, increasing the concentration of serum calcium, serum phosphorus, in collaboration with parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcitonin (CT), old bones to release calcium phosphate, normal maintenance and regulation of plasma calcium and phosphorus concentration. Vitamin D2 is promoting the formation of new bone calcium deposition in parts, the citrate salt deposition in bone, bone calcification and bone cell function and bone-like tissue to mature. Application 1.For the prevention and treatment of vitamin d deficiency. Such as vegans, parenteral nutrition patients, pancreatic dysfunction with malabsorption syndrome, liver and gallbladder diseases (liver damage, liver cirrhosis and obstructive jaundice), intestinal disease (fatty diarrhea, diarrhea in Crohn's, chronic), gastric resection.2.Used in chronic hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, and rickets and osteomalacia associated with chronic renal insufficiency syndrome, familial hypophosphatemia and hypoparathyroidism (false hypoparathyroidism, idiopathic or after) treatment.3.for the treatment of acute and chronic and potential contraction of the hands and feet and after surgery of idiopathic with contraction of the hands and feet.
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